Color: grey. Finish: matte

Composition Newton is intended for anticorrosive protection of metal structures operated in the atmosphere. Coatings based on the Newton composition are stable in sea and fresh water, aqueous salt solutions, oil and oil products. Composition Newton is used as an independent coating, or as a primer for coating materials in complex protection systems.
  • Has an accelerated drying time
  • Allows all-weather application (from -15 oC to +40 oC);
  • Provides tread protection for steel (contains zinc powder)
  • Has a high service life
  • Resistant to aggressive environments (including sea and fresh water, oil products)
  • Allows welding on a single-layer coating without deteriorating the quality of the weld
The Newton composition is used in bridge building, industrial and civil construction, as a protective anti-corrosion coating for tanks for light oil products and water.

Certificate of state registration
Instructions for use
• thoroughly mix the zinc paste until smooth;
• Completely (or in a ratio of 100:15 by weight, respectively) add a binder to the paste with constant stirring;
• Stir until smooth before use. If necessary, dilute the Newton composition to a working viscosity: - for airless spraying from 20 to 50 seconds;
- for air spraying from 20 to 30 sec.

The composition is recommended to be applied at temperatures from minus 15 to plus 40 °C and relative air humidity from 30 to 80% (optimally from 50 to 80%). The temperature of the surface to be painted must be at least 3 °C above the dew point, but not higher than plus 40 °C. When painting, the temperature of the material must be at least plus 15 °C. When painting works below 0 °C, the surface to be painted must be free from condensation, rust and dust. Apply in 2-5 coats by airless, pneumatic (air) spray, brush/roller (stripe painting).

Composition Newton is used when a high level of protection of metal structures against corrosion is required. Mainly used as a stand-alone coating. The material is effective in the fight against corrosion, has a clear functional industry purpose. In the oil and gas industry, it serves to protect the inner surface of tanks for light oil products. In thermal power engineering, they are protected by water tanks.
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