NewtOn Metal
Heat-reflective liquid insulation
Buckets: 10, 20 liters

Application areas:
- insulation of pipelines for various purposes
- elimination of condensate on the pipes
- protection of metal surfaces against corrosion
- insulation of gas and oil tankers and tanks
- application on sea transport
- ensuring protection on all types of land transport
- protection of equipment in industrial areas

Material can be easily used within temperatures from -60 to + 170ºC

Safe! The composition is water based. Eco-friendly material.

High temperatures? Use the Thermo-Shield system
High-performance hybrid system is based on heat reflecting insulation Newton
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  • This is a unique ceramic microspheric liquid insulation that has operating temperatures ranging from - 60ºC to + 170ºC
  • Our environmentally friendly material does not contain substances harmful to human health. It does not contain chlorides, volatile organic compounds, or heavy metals. In other words, it's safe to use!
  • Big savings - you will really appreciate it! Reduced capital and operating costs in ongoing projects.
  • Long service life without loss of quality and characteristics of insulation and protection - more than 10 years.
  • The maximum small thickness of the application - from 1 to 5 mm, depending on the technical tasks for insulation and protection, which must be observed at the facility.
  • The material is made light and very malleable. Due to these characteristics, the material used can shrink and expand along with the surface, and is applicable to all types of metal and building surfaces.
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